Regional Protection and Migration Programme

Strengthening protection practices of humanitarian actors in the Latin American region through the creation of evidence on good practices in protecting people on the move.
Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
Project duration
2024 - 2025
Financed by
  • Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC

Latin America is experiencing a period of intense international migration, which poses challenges for public policies and human mobility management. It is crucial to adopt a protection and risk reduction approach for the most vulnerable people, including the LGBTI population, children and adolescents and victims of gender-based violence (GBV).

Within its Regional Protection and Migration Programme (RPMP), Switzerland intends to establish a knowledge management mechanism focused on protection and human mobility whose information source will serve a regional protection team based at the Swiss Embassy in Bogotá.

Through this mechanism, evidence on good practices will be collected so that the regional protection team can provide support services to its users, which include humanitarian actors, governments of Latin American countries, as well as Switzerland's own Embassies in the region, especially (but not exclusively) in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

The project

This programme aims to strengthen the protection practices of humanitarian actors in the region by generating evidence and building capacity. This includes approaches of humanitarian actors, public policies of recipient states and the operational experience of Humanitarian Aid and Development (SDC) and the Peace and Human Rights Division (DPDH) in Colombia and Venezuela.

The programme's target group is focused on:

  • Staff of the Swiss representations accredited mainly in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.
  • Aid workers, donors and civil society organisations dedicated to the protection of civilians or persons on the move, which are of particular interest to the Swiss representations.
  • Guarantors of rights in the protection of civilians or persons in human mobility, such as states.
  • Indirectly to persons in a situation of mobility and with protection needs in the aforementioned countries.

Main activities:  

  • Monitoring and follow-up of good practices, public policies and trainings related to protection and human mobility
  • Design of a virtual platform as a tool for the dissemination of good practices, policies and trainings related to protection
  • Fostering cooperation and collaboration to exchange information, share good practices and promote policies and trainings
  • Providing operational support services to the regional protection team and its users
  • Facilitating the adoption of good practices by humanitarian actors, donors and state entities
  • Analysis of public policies and their dynamics
  • Support advocacy strategies

Project objectives

  • The staff of the Swiss representations receive evidence of good practices that are fundamental for providing support services and for the formulation and development of advocacy strategies at the national and regional level.
  • International cooperation and civil society actors receive analytical and strategic support through  information on the humanitarian context, and participate in training and capacity building processes, as well as in multi-stakeholder dialogues, exchanges and regional forums.

Expected results

The expected impact is that vulnerable people in human mobility facing protection risks enjoy their fundamental rights. In order to achieve this, the following outcomes should be reached:  

Outcome 3: Actors reduce vulnerability and increase resilience of people in human mobility through the dissemination of good protection practices.

  • 3.1. SDC identifies, disseminates and promotes good protection practices with knowledge management tools.

Outcome 4: Public policies of duty bearers better fulfil the rights of vulnerable people in human mobility.

  • Swiss proposals advocate for more protective public policies in technical or political dialogues in each country.
  • Swiss proposals advocate for more protective public policies in technical or political dialogues at the regional level (Latin America).