Voices from the field

We feature beneficaries sharing their work and life stories, daily challenges, hopes and dreams.
Susan Muteti started farming in 2017 in Kalamba Centre in Makueni County. She carved out a niche for herself as she was the only dairy farmer in the area amidst many other vegetable producers. “I started with 3 cows and tried to rear them for milk production but I was unsuccessful. I did not earn as much in sales as I had envisioned and I quickly lost interest. I tried my hand in chicken rearing but decided to retain the chicken for my home use.”
A little goes a long way
“I joined Nabosa Housing Cooperative in 2015 following a recommendation by a friend who had joined it the previous year. At the time, they were planning to start a housing project and this caught my attention since I needed more living space."
Growth through farming
The agricultural sector is one of the leading employers in the world. With the need for capital, land, water, and other essentials, producing a bounty to feed consumers takes a lot of hard work and support. Farmers recognise the need for the right amount of care and attention to achieve successful sales. 
“My name is Lydia Mutua. I am the registrar in the Division of Co-operative Management Research and Innovation at The Co-operative University of Kenya. We are a public institution that was founded in 1952 to train cooperative officers. With time we increased our offering and catered to a wider audience which saw us elevated to a fully-fledged university in 2016.” 
Saving together for a brighter tomorrow
50-year-old Ali Bilal is a Community - Based Trainer (CBT) from Maji Mazuri in Baringo County, Kenya. He has been a CBT since 2013. A CBT provides support to saving groups at the community level. 
Training that leads to growth and transformation
Mr. Eugene Masoo, the Chief Executive Officer of Kilimo SACCO located in Makueni County in Kenya talks about the growth the cooperative has experienced over the years.