Young people from the Ngalunde locality, Marracuene district received their certificate of competence in electricity and locksmithing 

Initial vocational education and training, Labour market insertion
The Alberto Cassimo Institute of Professional Training and Labour Studies (IFPELAC-Machava) celebrated the graduation of  44 young people (14 of which are women) in the specialities of electricity and locksmiths on 17th August 2021.

The objective of these courses facilitated by the Swisscontact Skills to Build project is to generate basic technical skills for young people in vulnerable situations in order to raise their level of socio-economic inclusion, improve their skills and generate income through technical-vocational training. The intervention was carried out by IFPELAC Machava in partnership with the Marracuene district government.

Anatércia Mazivila, 25 years old, who attended the course in electricity, said at the closing event: "I thank the trainers for the knowledge shared and their patience. Today, through this training, I work with my father in the electricity field, and I can execute electrical installations in buildings, maintain and repair electrical circuits, among other activities.”

Also, 20-year-old Santos Zibia, who has a degree in metalwork, shared his experience in accessing the credit granted by Banco Futuro to start a business in the area. This link was promoted by the Swisscontact Skills to Build project to encourage young people in the creation of small businesses. "The training was a great asset to me. After the training, I went through a process of preparing a business plan to then access a loan from Banco Futuro. Today, I have my own workshop where, with the technical skills I acquired during the course, I help my community and manage to earn some money to support my family" Santos said.

During the closing ceremony, Shafee Sidat, administrator of Marracuene district, acknowledged IFPELAC and Swisscontact for investing in the professional training of young people, and advised the graduates to make the most of the new skills acquired to improve their lives, and in the development of the community and district in general.

On the occasion, Régula Chávez-Malgiaritta, director of Swisscontact Mozambique, encouraged the young people to take up the work with much commitment and responsibility and invited them to continue learning to become better and better professionals who can guarantee their clients a quality service.

With the Skills to Build project, Swisscontact promotes vocational training to enable vulnerable young people to receive training that will enable them to access better jobs and income.


This project is financed by Happel Foundation, among other donors. As part of the Swisscontact Development Programme, it is co-financed by SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA).