World Health Day: Nothing is more important than our health

Initial vocational education and training
The Skills Development Programme (SDP), a project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), provides market-oriented skills training to increase the income and employment opportunities for disadvantaged young women and men in five rural provinces and contributes to the creation of an inclusive and relevant TVET system nationwide by supporting the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training (MLVT) and the Ministry of Tourism (MoT).

Contributing to the vision above, Social Inclusion and Welfare (SIW) was embedded into the implementation to enhance the learning environment for the trainees and assure their wellbeing. To be able to learn, the learners’ minds must be free of worry and they need to feel healthy and safe.

Knowing that the learners coming from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds do not have the means to get treatment if they fall ill, SDP covered costs for minor health issues for the trainee during their stay at the training centres. This practice was very much appreciated by learners and their parents, as they felt cared for and protected at the training centre.

“In our center, we have assigned a focal point to integrate SIW into our daily activity plan”, said Mr. Taing Hul, Director of Provincial Training Center, Preah Vihear Province. “During the training period of seven months, care for the trainees despite our limited resources. We purchased bedding to improve the sleeping conditions, we ensure adequate nutrition through our gardening programme, and there are first aid kits in various places across the school. After school activities are offered to create a healthy and fun learning atmosphere”, Mr. Hul explained.

During the pandemic, SDP continues to raise awareness among the learners about the health and hygiene measures to be maintained to curb the spread of Covid-19. We wish everyone good health!