Working with National Skills Development Authority (NSDA) to bring a new change in the Skills Development Sector in Bangladesh

Upskilling and Reskilling, Labour market insertion
Working closely with stakeholders in achieving its objectives has always been a key priority of Uttoron. With that in mind, the project team met with the Chairman of the National Skills Development Authority (NSDA) Mr. Dulal Krishna Saha, on 4th August 2021

During the meeting, the team provided a detailed overview of Uttoron project activities and its operational experience in implementing the newly validated trade Packaging and Finishing Operation (PFO). The PFO trade Competency Standard (CS) was recently validated by NSDA and is currently in the pipeline for approval from the Prime Minister’s office.  The NSDA Chairman appreciated Uttoron’s innovative activities and the project’s contribution to Bangladesh’s skills sector. He mentioned that the skill gaps and the pressing need to create a skilled workforce has never been more urgently felt; projects like Uttoron can make a difference and have a significant impact in the achievement of government objectives. Saha also lauded Uttoron’s initiative to work closely with the RMG & Textile Industry Skills Council (RTISC) and Bangladesh Garments Accessories & Packaging Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BGAPMEA) for the PFO trade.

The Uttoron Team Lead invited the NSDA chairman to witness for himself training in Dhaka and Sylhet, and Saha expressed his eagerness to do so once the Covid-19 situation improves. Aside from NSDA representatives, the meeting was also attended by Mr. Jaglul Hayder, CEO RTISC.

The Uttoron project is funded by Chevron’s Bangladesh Partnership Initiative and implemented by Swisscontact. The aforementioned PFO trade is a core training component of the project.