Women Entrepreneurs Network for Success

What does it mean to be a woman entrepreneur? How do women entrepreneurs feel in their roles? How can they think creatively, network and bring innovative approaches? What are their strategies to deal with challenges, obstacles? What drives their next steps and vision?

Over 20 women entrepreneurs and professionals from the tourism, food processing and gastronomy, marketing and ICT sectors in Kosovo got together to discuss these topics, and more, at the workshop “I Am An Entrepreneur” facilitated by Swisscontact's Victoria Biedermann. The idea behind this mix and format was to provide participants with a space to discuss openly about these questions across sectors and outside of their day-to-day context, network and come up with new ideas.

The following day, PPSE organized the second event focused on networking. Networking is a key tool to successful women entrepreneurs. It leads to new opportunities, to growing the business, to finding a like-minded community. Other women role-models and mentors that are found through networking are equally important to growing as an individual and a business woman. Through them, women entrepreneurs learn of new strategies, new ways of doing things and open new paths in their lives. These were among the key takeaways from the networking event “Where the Women Are” organized by PPSE.

The goal of the event was two-fold: to bring together two panels of women leaders in their fields from Kosovo and Albania to discuss about their path and growing their businesses, the importance of networking, mentoring, leadership skills that women of 21st century should possess, and how women from the private sector and other sectors can come together in a powerful network of their economic empowerment.