Water for Life – Shahina’s Story

Shahina Akhtar is the story of a mother who lost her daughter to the gruesome reality of consuming unsafe water. It was only when Shahina attended a courtyard awareness session for safe drinking water conducted by the Shujola project that she realized how something she considered so trivial was the reason behind her irreplaceable loss. She has since become a loyal consumer and an advocate for “Shuddho Drinking Water” established in Gazipur, Dhaka.  
Entrepreneurial ecosystems
Improve Access to Safe Water through Local Entrepreneurship ("Shujola")
The ready-made garments sector is one of the fastest-growing industries in the Bangladeshi economy. The influx of workers from rural to urban areas and the high demand for housing in locations close to ready-made garments clusters have resulted in the rapid expansion of unregulated residential communities in urban and peri-urban areas of...