Vegetable Seedling Distribution Begins in Kosovo

This week, collection center Agro Celina began the distribution of vegetable seedlings to its contracted farmers.

Robert Skeli, whose family owns a greenhouse in Novosella village in Gjakova, has received 10,000 gherkin seedlings. “I am very pleased with the collaboration with Agro Celina and the quality of seedlings,” he says. In fact, this is the second year that Robert and his family collaborate with Agro Celina. According to him, it makes sense to get quality seedlings that are ready for planting. “It is not easy to produce high quality vegetable seedlings,” he say. “Plus, the price was reasonable and given the situation created by COVID-19, Agro Celina enabled us to pay for the seedlings with our production.” Robert has recommended to other farmers to join the network, as “it is definitely worth it.”  

The vegetable seedlings that Agro Celina is distributing to its contracted farmers were produced by the specialized seedling nursery Fidanishtja e Godancit. This activity was supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation through the Promoting Private Sector Employment project.  Fehim Rexhepi, of Agro Celina says, “This year, the situation with the contracted farmers is much better and the seedlings are of even higher quality.”    The vegetable seedling distribution will continue in May.