Uttoron: Pre-training Orientation Workshop was organised in Habiganj

Upskilling and reskilling, Labour market insertion
Uttoron project organised a pre training workshop in Habiganj, Sylhet with the objective of selecting more durable candidates.

The pre-training orientation workshop plays a vital role to select potential trainees for Uttoron programme. 

Recently in Habiganj, 91 participants participated in pre-training orientation workshop. Till now, Uttoron provided pre-training to 1693 participants. The training module is planned in such way where participants can be engaged in team building activities that test their overall creativity, interests, and teamwork capability. At the end of the group and individual activities, a one-on-one interview session was held with applicants to assess their career preferences, trade preferences, and overall career aspirations in order to make the selection process more robust. The unique selection process of Uttoron has proved to be highly effective in reducing dropout rate. As of today the average dropout rate of Uttoron project is 3%.

Labour market insertion, Upskilling and reskilling
Uttoron – Skills for better life
Bangladesh has a high rate of unemployment and underemployment in Asia. Rural areas in Bangladesh have the highest number of unemployed youths. The demand for agro-based and conventional jobs decreased and industry and trade-based jobs increased. Uttoron’s adaptive approach for promoting community-based trainings on formal employment and...