Uttoron pioneers national certification standard for welding inspection with the government

Labour market insertion, Upskilling and reskilling
Uttoron pioneered the national standard for the “Welding Inspector” occupation in collaboration with National Skills Development Authority (NSDA). Demand for a skilled workforce is changing drastically due to the global movement towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and Bangladesh is gearing up to meet the new challenges associated with the forthcoming changes.

The ongoing mega infrastructural projects created high demand for skilled welders in Bangladesh. Demand for welding inspectors has also increased to ensure the quality of the welding work in the industry. Unfortunately, there was no national-level certification standard for the Welding Inspector occupation.

With the initiative of the Uttoron project, Bangladesh will have a certification system for existing skilled workers who want to pursue a career in welding inspection. Through a two-day validation workshop, NSDA has approved the Competency Standard (CS) with support from industry experts and the Light Engineering sector Association. This CS will open an avenue for our youth and veteran welders to pursue a career in a highly demanded occupation. Previously interested individuals could only acquire such certification from international training institutes, which was highly expensive.

The national certification standard will enable to meet the demand of local industry and pave the way to develop advanced standards to meet the international market. In addition, this training will be helpful for the experienced veteran welders by upskilling them.

Labour market insertion, Upskilling and reskilling
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