Creating responsible workforce with better understanding of health and safety at work

Organisations can become more effective and productive if they have a safe and healthy work environment. With this health and safety video, Uttoron project raises awareness of the importance of occupational health and safety.

A safer workplace requires appropriate safety rules and regulations and an understanding of those rules among employees and their responsibility towards ensuring them. Uttoron - Skills for better life project targets youth and intends to create a workforce that is not only technically sound but also properly sensitised about workplace safety. 

The project aims to support the youths by providing training on trades that matches the current industry demand and facilitates job placement suitable for the targeted beneficiaries. 

The general health and safety video can be used for onboarding new employees in factories as it focuses on developing a basic understanding of the workers regarding Occupational Health and Safety requirements and the implications of violating them.

The Uttoron project is financed by Chevron and is implemented by Swisscontact in Bangladesh.