Unirovuma takes over WarestaIndex platform management

Rovuma University has just started managing WarestaIndex system, a digital platform created in 2013 by Swisscontact, Horti-Sempre project, to monitor information on the marketing and prices of various agricultural products at Nampula province level. The Waresta Index provides information on agricultural products regarding prices, volumes moved and their origin.

For the management of the platform, in 2019 Horti-Sempre project and Rovuma University (UniRovuma) signed a memorandum of understanding which will allow the Business Centre Department of Rovuma university to manage the  market information resulting from the activities carried out by the project under WarestaIndex. One of the objectives of the partnership was the development of an online system for the management of the WarestaIndex database and the generation of a public virtual space for productive and commercial actors to access updated information and market history. The system can be accessed through the link www.warestaindex.com.

The platform management agreement to UniRovuma was signed by the Magnificent Rector of the University, Prof. Doctor Mário Brito dos Santos, and by Régula Chavéz-Malgiaritta, National Director of Swisscontact and Ricardo Alem Rojo Horti-Sempre project Manager.

Speaking at the ceremony, held at University Campus of Napipine, Brito dos Santos considers that the platform represents a set of possibilities and opportunities in the fields of research, teaching and extension.

In the research field, according to the Rector, various possibilities for the development of micro, macro-economic and social research are considered, important for the practical training of young students and academics.

As for education, the rector said that one should look at the system as a rich source of data that can be used in classrooms to share knowledge regarding economics, agribusiness, commerce, and other areas.

Prof. Brito dos Santos concluded his speech, expressing the commitment of the leading institution to make efforts to make WarestaIndex a robust and, at the same time, sustainable system to generate increasingly significant results for Mozambique's development.

Régula Chavéz-Malgiaritta and Ricardo Alem Rojo, said that, they see Rovuma University as an ideal partner that will continue this management tool with a perspective to providing a better service to the population of Nampula province and the all country.