Turkish and Kosovo Tour Operators Meet to Explore Collaboration

At a presentation and B2B meeting organized in Istanbul on 12 December 2019, Turkish tour operators had the opportunity to find out about the tourism offer of Kosovo as a destination directly from their Kosovo counterparts.

TURSAB, the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies, organized the event with the specific purpose of presenting Kosovo as a destination and the offer of Kosovo’s outdoor tour operators to the Turkish ones. 

Presenting the outdoor and adventure tourism in Kosovo, Donika Gashi from Swisscontact’s Promoting Private Sector Employment project, said “There are many reasons why Kosovo is attractive for Turkish tour operators and tourists. Out offer is varied and rich: from cultural and historical tours, to plenty of outdoor and adventure activities.”

Four Kosovo outdoor tour operators, Balkans Natural Adventure, Supercampers, Butterfly Outdoor, and Outdoor Kosova met with 17 Turkish tour operators in a series of B2B meetings, to explore the potential for collaboration. 

This event was a follow up to the familiarization trip to Kosovo for Turkish tour operators organized in May this year. PPSE aims to increase the number of Turkish tourists visiting Kosovo. According to the Kosovo Agency of Statistics, Turkish visitors are one of the top three groups of tourists to Kosovo.