The first Bolivian app to help youth identify potential career paths 

Initial vocational education and training
‘Descubre tu vocación’ is the first Bolivian application that helps young people identify which career path they could take. It contains a quick questionnaire to guide youth finishing their secondary education in choosing their future professions. The app is provided by the project ‘Professional Technical Training’ of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation implemented by the Swisscontact-FAUTAPO consortium in Bolivia.

The test asks questions about interests, preferences, aptitudes, and aspirations. At the end of the test, the user can access information on training centres such as technological institutes, courses at alternative education centres.

How the app helped a student discover her vocation

17-year-old Ilian Victoria Carrasco, student at the Desmaissieres college in La Paz explains how the app gave her an answer in under 10 minutes on the profession she could choose. She heard about the app through a flyer distributed at school and she and her friends decided to download it on her smartphone.

Among the questions were whether she liked working at a desk, interacting with people, taking pictures, teaching children, socialising, etc. "These are simple questions where you can find out if you are suitable for computing, administration, teaching or other areas," she says. The questionnaire results suggested her to study medicine, law, or exact sciences. This confirmed her previous intuition she had about wanting to study medicine. Her classmates who also finished the "Discover your vocation" questionnaire got their test results quickly and they were able to study economics, business administration and architecture.

According to Ilian, people often do not have the information available about vocational education and careers. She explains that careers such as beekeeping, sewing or carpentry are believed to be less remunerative in the workplace than architecture or law, careers that are considered "strong". She elaborates: "I think that technical careers bring us closer to everyday life, to what we consume on a daily basis, so for example honey is thanks to the professionals who work in beekeeping or our clothing to fashion designers and seamstresses."

An app for students, teachers and parents alike

"Discover your vocation" is a free didactic tool to guide young people in choosing their vocational training. The app is also suitable for teachers who want to help their students find a profession matching their skills. Wilmer Alegría Leon, a young teacher and psychologist from La Paz shares his experience with the app.

"After the arrival of the pandemic in the country, many areas were paralysed, as the emergency conditions forced us to work under the virtual modality.  In this context, we got to know and explore how the application "Discover your vocation" worked and the decision was made to use it because it was didactic, with coherent results, as well as being easy to use and access", Wilmer tells us.

The application also has a section for parents so that they can get to know and guide their kids adequately in future decisions in the technical and/or professional field. "It also offers important recommendations for parents and contributes to the work of institutions that support training and education processes, making it a useful tool for the work of teachers," he says.

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or via