Swisscontact and Zabai team up to empower Community Paramedic (CP) practitioners

Initial vocational education and training
On 10 April 2023, Swisscontact ASTHA signed an MoU with Zabai. The collaboration aims to develop a digital platform that will equip the CPs with up-to-date healthcare knowledge, entrepreneurial skills, and services necessary to establish and run their businesses as self-practitioners. This initiative is a significant step towards building the entrepreneurial capacities of the CPs who are making healthcare services more accessible to the rural community. 

Community Paramedics (CPs) are dedicated health professionals who provide essential healthcare services to people living in rural areas. Although CPs are self-practitioners, many of them have limited understanding and knowledge about how to start and manage a business. However, many CPs lack the knowledge and skills needed to start and run their own businesses. To address this ASTHA and Zabai came together to develop a digital platform that provides CPs with the latest healthcare information and tools to help them establish and manage their own businesses. This is a big step forward in helping CPs become more self-sufficient and improving healthcare access in rural communities.

"We are excited about this collaboration. Through this initiative, we will be expanding our services to the root-level health care providers- Community Paramedics. Upon successful completion of this pilot, Zabai will explore the possibility of serving other healthcare professionals. We hope to make a real difference in people's lives and improve access to quality healthcare services for underserved communities."
AL Zihanur Rahman, Country Manager of Zabai

Swisscontact has been working towards international development cooperation since 1959. With over 1,400 staff members across the globe, Swisscontact manages 117 projects in 39 countries on behalf of public and private donors. In Bangladesh, Swisscontact has been working on providing quality healthcare services in rural communities through the ASTHA project. The project aims to develop and integrate CP services in rural Bangladesh to increase healthcare outreach in inaccessible areas, with a special focus on Maternal and Child Health, Family Planning, and Basic Primary Healthcare Services. After successfully completing Phase II, the project started its Phase III in January 2023 and will continue until December 2026, working in 12 districts of Bangladesh.


Zabai is an ed-tech company whose goal is to establish itself as the leading provider of e-learning and digital training in developing countries along with development sector partners.

Initial vocational education and training
High-quality healthcare services in rural areas
Achieving Sustainability Towards Healthcare Access (ASTHA) aims at contributing to the development and expansion of sustainable and high-quality healthcare at the community level by training young adults (50% women) from seven rural districts as skilled health workers. The ASTHA-project will improve the health and living conditions of the local...