Sustainable and Improved Goat Raising and Herding in Collaboration with the Private Sector in Tanzania

Initial vocational education and training
From mid-February to mid-April 2023, a training programme for 25 youth (11 female, 14 male), was conducted by the Skills for Employment Tanzania (SET) project. The goal of the training was to equip youth with the necessary soft and practical skills to become self-employed or employed goat herders, and thus improve their livelihoods on the long-term.

This event represented the first time that the SET had implemented training hand in hand with the private sector. It took place at Mbogo Ranch in Chalinze District, Tanzania. The ranch provided the infrastructure, equipment and most of the trainers. It also contributed to the training financially.

The participants were trained in how to adopt improved techniques to transform traditional goat-rearing practices into a market-oriented goat farming system which would result in healthier goats, increased productivity, and better-quality meat that met the required consumers standards.

Magreth Bahati (left) and Mwajabu Ally (right) putting on an goat ear tag during the goat raising and herding training at Mbogo Ranch.

Participants generally felt the training succeeded in transferring the necessary skills which would contribute to financial independence in a sustainable way. After the training, it is also hoped that the participants will become catalysts for change, fostering progress not only in their own lives but also within their communities.

The following comments generally represent the feedback of the trainees and trainers, respectively.

"I learned about good goat keeping practices, selection of goat breeds, veterinary care, identification of proper feeding and grazing areas as well as suitable housing and fencing, marketing and management. In a few days I expect to begin with my own business of goat keeping and I will start to support my community with knowledge and techniques I acquired during the training."
Mwajabu Ally, trainee
"In Tanzania, modern goat keeping has emerged as a good business opportunity due to the increased demand of meat on the market. We equip youth with knowledge about how to raise goats and become business people, including understanding the market and its demands."
Hagai Samson, trainer
Initial vocational education and training, Labour market insertion
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