Successful Completion of Online Training for Women Farmers

Throughout June 2020, 27 women farmers from the network of five companies also owned and managed by women, attended the training "Cultivation of Aromatic Medicinal Plants and Farm Management". The training program contained practical information and tips on organic cultivation and certification of medicinal aromatic plants.

Given the situation with COVID-19, the training was conducted entirely online, using the Viber platform. This platform was chosen because of its ease of use by women farmers. The training material was developed in the format of 20 short videos, texts, and electronic posters. The topics of the videos included organic farming standards, various aspects of the farming job, and tips for growing specific plants.

"The videos were very clear, and we received them at the right time, when we began cultivation. The information is useful to manage organic plots. It was a very interesting way of training, because now we have all the material on our mobile and can use it whenever we need it. It is like having the trainer on your mobile" said Havushe Bunjaku Bajrami, owner of the company 99 LULE. Six farmers of the 99 LULE network along with their family members attended the training.

The training was organized by the Association ORGANIKA with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation through the PPSE Swisscontact project.