STED launched Hospitality Career Ambassador Campaign in Indonesia

Sustainable Tourism Education Development/ STED has the official launched the Hospitality Career Ambassador/ HCA Campaign on April 25th 2019, in West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia.

More than 150 people attended the event, including officials from West Nusa Tenggara Education and Culture Department, the management of Lombok Tourism Polytechnic, representatives of Lombok industry and association and the invited schools. All enjoyed the watching of the full videos and received an introduction to the HCAs in person.

Five people representing different areas in the industry have been selected as the ambassadors with regards to their achievement and contribution to community or industry. Their study and career journeys to thrive in the industry is documented in short movies, and each is profiled on a poster with QR code linked to their Youtube videos.

A first group of high schools and vocational schools received a set of HCA posters, contained in an environment friendly STED branded bamboo tube. Throughout 2019, more schools all over Lombok will obtain a set of the HCA posters, making sure that a wide reach-out to numerous communities can be achieved.

The HCA Campaign is an initiative to highlight career opportunities in the tourism and hospitality industry, primarily in Lombok - West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Mr. Sukran (Provincial Education and Culture reps.) appreciated the initiative, "It is a simple but provides useful learning. It's good campaign to provide information about career opportunities the students".

The HCA Campaign serves as a support to Poltekpar Lombok, and will strengthen the marketing of the school’s programs, the community outreach and the partnership with the industry.

In order to spread the educational message of the HCA Campaign and create platform to engage to a wider audience, a social media campaign via the Swisscontact Indonesia’s Facebook Page is going to be run for 10 consecutive weeks, started April 25th to June 27th.

Contact for further information:

Yuvencia Yunita(STED Senior PO-School Management)