Specialized Training for Dairy Products Techniques and Technology for Kosovo Producers

A group of food technologists from seven dairy production companies in Kosovo successfully completed a tailor-made training program on the technological processes for dairy products. The training, which contained both theory and practical work at the laboratory, was delivered by a select team of academics from the University of Food Technology in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

“During the training, the participants tested the production of two types of traditional Bulgarian cheeses – white and yellow – and the specific use of bacillus bulgaricus, a good bacteria used for production of yoghurt,” said Galin Ivanov, Dean at the University. 

The five-day long training was organized by CEED Kosovo, in partnership with Promoting Private Sector Employment project, part of activities to support local producers advance production processes. Learning best practices from the region and specialized training programs like this one in Plovdiv are particularly useful for the Kosovo companies. 

For Faton Xhabale, owner of “Afion” that produces Sharri cheese, the training provided advanced knowledge. “I really appreciate the module content. It was useful to see how butter is made in Bulgaria. Training programs like this one are a good opportunity for exchanging knowledge. Now I have learned how to make Bulgarian cheese,” he said. 

A significant part of the training program focused on food safety and management systems.