Skills to Build Project publishes the results of the Survey on the training of Workshop Owners

Swisscontact, Skills to Build project, in partnership with Maputo City National Youth Council (CJCM), published the results of the Workshop Owners Survey on 27, 29, 30 and 31 July in the districts of KaMavota, KaMubukwane, Lhamankulu, and KaMaxaquene, respectively, the 4 districts with the largest agglomeration of the workshops of the 7 districts that make up Maputo City. Some entrepreneurs, survey coordinators, and representatives of the municipal government participated in the meetings.

The survey was conducted in November 2019 by the Maputo City National Youth Council (CCJCM) to 3,248 workshop owners. The survey aimed to assess the technical training needs of workshop owners and young entrepreneurs in the construction sector along with Municipal Districts of Maputo City. Additionally, the objective of the survey was to understand the willingness of the workshop’s owners to host trainees for internships while in practical training program centers. 

The study collected the following information from workshops:   Profile of workshop’s owners, work areas of the workshops, number of workers and employees, training needs of employees, equipment available in the workshop, number of trainee vacancies available for the internship. 

The survey found that 3224 workers, which is the majority, have no training in their work area and were interested in obtaining competency-based certification.  One of the main reasons for the choice of technical training by the owners of workshops is because this is one step ahead to formalize their business and therefore maximize their profit. 

During the dissemination of the report in the KaMubukwane municipal district the Skills to Build Project Manager, Régula-Chávez Malgiarrita said that "the purpose of the competency assessment is to corroborate the competence that the workshop’s owners have from the practice experience, which transmitted from generation to generation. The idea is to make this formal recognition in coordination with an entity certified and recognized by the State". 

The Swisscontact has already signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Professional Education Authority whose aim is to carry out a pilot action for the recognition of acquired skills.