Silver SPEC (Small Package Exporter Champions) members receive tailored mentor support 

The Improving Small Package e-Trade for SMEs (SeT4SME) project of the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation (the Alliance) and implementing partner Swisscontact successfully organized the tailored match making event to introduce mentors to the Small Package Exporter Champions (SPEC) who went through the silver certification training in August 2022. The event also conducted a certification ceremony presided over by His Excellency Dr. Chhieng Vanmunin, chief executive officer (CEO) of Khmer Enterprise, LCT. Oknha Keo Mom, President of Cambodia Women Entrepreneur Association and Rajiv Pradhan, Country Director of Swisscontact.

On 13th September 2022, the ‘Small Package Exporter Champions (SPEC)’ Programme, initiated under the Workstream 2: e-Trade Portal Development and Promotion of the SeT4SME Project hosted a match making event to introduce 12 mentors to the 15 silver certified SPEC members. The mentors will provide 3-month tailored mentorship consisting of 6 different sessions that runs until November.

"I encourage SMEs to continue the journey together under this SPEC program and benefit from its ongoing and future trainings, mentorship, the chance to win cash prizes, and be able to take part in future flagship activities. I would like to also extend my appreciation to the 12 prospective mentors under the program, for your support by taking up the role as mentors."
His Excellency Dr. Chhieng Vanmunin, CEO, Khmer Enterprise

The event was organized by the Alliance, through Swisscontact, Khmer Enterprise, and EuroCham in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce and Cambodia Women Entrepreneurs Association (CWEA). The event also featured Silver SPEC Certificate Award to celebrate the achievements of the 15 SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) businesses who have taken part in our SPEC program and completed the last training on E-Commerce Platforms for SMEs; Logistics Documentation “Need to Know”; and Product Design for Export Markets.

"For the 15 businesses that have taken part in our SPEC program and completed the last training, today’s award ceremony is an occasion to recognize their efforts. Our aim is to support you through offering tips that can support your companies to improve your export capability and performance while at the same time to embrace digitalization which is definitely a key driver for future growth in cross-border e-trade in Cambodia and around the world."
Mr. Rajiv Pradhan, Country Director, Swisscontact

During the event, the attendants were also informed about the mentorship program, the formats, and the mentor – mentee journal, followed by a joint exercise for mentor and mentees to work on their objectives and set up a timetable and make presentations from SPEC members on their objectives. The networking reception at the end of the event turned out to be a sociable and enjoyable evening.

Following the silver certification, the SPEC initiative will commence the 3-month mentorship of 6 different sessions that runs until November. SPEC Mentees will be able to gain new insights from Mentors who has years of experiences in export-related fields, pre-selected by the SPEC Committee (consisting of EuroCham, Swisscontact, Khmer Enterprise, and Cambodia Women Entrepreneur Association) to cater best to their needs. Mentors are selected based on their expertise and experience in addressing the pain points and needs expressed by the mentees.

"One of the things I love about this initiative is that I get to work directly with the stakeholders in the business and discuss their pain points individually on order to be able to help them."
Mr. Ali Syed, Head of Marketing, Sabay Digital Corporation
"I really appreciate and am happy to be selected to join this programme. This programme is very helpful and important for SMEs. There are many things I learned how to be well prepared and be ready for the export. Examples we need to what is the need of target market, certification, legal and logistics, packaging. More than that, it is good to be connected and to know other related stakeholders. After joining the program, I know where to improve and focus."
Nhim Sorida, CEO, Boran Care

The topics to be covered by the mentorship program includes product development and packaging design; export rules and processes, documentation processes, certification process and guidance on related/applied tax and regulation. It also focuses on branding; digital marketing; using of cross-border e-commerce platforms for exports; supply chain management; and finding international buyers and markets.

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Improving Small Package E-Trade for SMEs (SeT4SME) is a two-year project (2021-2023) of the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation (the Alliance), implemented by Swisscontact in partnership with Ministry of Commerce (MoC), and with the collaboration of the General Department of Customs and Excise (GDCE), Cambodia Post, The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and Cambodian Women Entrepreneurs Association (CWEA). 

Improving Small Package E-Trade for SMEs
Improving Small Package E-Trade for SMEs (SeT4SME) is a two-year project (2021-2023) for the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation. This project aims to support Cambodia in improving its trade performance and driving inclusive growth in the country by enhancing trade facilitation implementation with improved transparency in trade practices and reduced time and cost of cross-border e-trade.