Promoting agricultural innovation in Benin

Sustainable agriculture
Since 2021, Swisscontact's Béninclusif project has been implementing inclusive agribusiness initiatives aimed at reducing poverty. It works with local partners to bring affordable and sustainable innovations to small businesses in the market. 

One such partner is Société de Développement d'Agriculture Durable (SDAD) managed by Bienvenu Adjè. The sustainable agriculture development company formulated organic inputs for citrus fruits tailored to the Beninese soil. To develop high-performing biological fertilisers, his company had undertaken scientific studies. By comparing current fertilisation methods with the standards, Bienvenu identified the essential elements missing in the Beninese soil for citrus fruit to grow optimally. The research has led him to formulate a fertiliser that is designed to fill the nutrient gap while preserving the environment. 

Enhancing yield and sustainability with organic fertiliser

The fertiliser not only contributes to sustainable farming practices but also offers farmers abundant and high-quality harvests. The minerals preserved in the weed plants' tissues are extracted using microorganisms; this process is called bio-mineralisation of the plants. In this video, the managing director shows how the organic fertiliser is produced.

"Thanks to my collaboration with Swisscontact, I have been able to obtain laboratory equipment, enabling me to develop quality products that are now available to citrus growers. Finally, we have a partner who fully understands the entire value chain and who promotes synergy between the different actors to ensure a lasting impact."
Bienvenu Adjè, owner of the Société de Développement d'Agriculture Durable (SDAD)

Beninese invention supported by Swisscontact takes gold in prestigious international trade fair

To promote the use of its organic fertiliser among citrus growers, Swisscontact has supported SDAD's participation in the 48th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2023. Dedicated to encouraging inventions for development and for sustainable solutions, the event brought together more than 900 exhibitors from over 77 countries. 

The gold medal won at the Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva

An international jury evaluated the inventions in different categories. SDAD's invention was entered in the category 'Agriculture, Horticulture and Gardening' and was honoured to receive the gold medal for its innovation in this category – a testament to the innovative work supported by the Béninclusif project.

Through the project, Swisscontact is committed to continuing its support for the certification and promotion of this invention in Benin, which earned first prize in its category at this prestigious international trade fair.

Bienvenu Adjè presents the gold medal won for his innovation in agriculture.
Bienvenu presents the gold medal to the Swisscontact team in Benin.

The Béninclusif project is part of the Swisscontact Development Programme, which is co-financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA. 

Sustainable agriculture
Beninclusif: dynamic markets for agricultural products
The main goal of the project is to improve living conditions for farmer families through sustainable market support services. The project’s inclusive systems approach focuses on two sectors within the poorly developed agricultural market. During the first phase (2021-2024), the focus will be on fish farming and citrus tree farming, both sectors having high economic potential.