Project Closure Workshop of Skills for Safe Reconstruction Project in Sindhuli District

Skills for Safe Reconstruction Project (SSRP) aims to reduce future risks for earthquake affected households in Sindhuli district through awareness programs to house owners and skills-based training to construction workers. Sindhuli is among the 14 districts that was severely affected by the 2015 mega earthquake in Nepal. Swisscontact augmented the reconstruction process in Sindhuli by bringing in its long-standing experience of skills development through SSRP. 

The SSRP project is coming to an end in July 2019 having successfully completed its objective. In this regard, SSRP organized a project closure workshop in Sindhuli district to share the learnings and achievements of the project. The workshop was conducted on 5th July 2019 in Kamalamai Municipality and was chaired by the Chief of District Coordination Committee of Sindhuli. The workshop was attended by SSRP project staff, representatives from project partners, government line agencies, rural municipalities/municipalities chairpersons, likeminded I/NGOs and Journalists. Mr. Tara Prasad Bakhariya, Project Manager for SSRP presented the project outcomes, challenges and lessons learned from the project. Overall, SSRP has provided skills training to 1780 construction workers, created awareness for more than 20,000 earthquake affected house owners, and supported in construction of safer houses for 108 of the most vulnerable households in Sindhuli district.  Mr. Shankar Raj Tiwari, the Chairperson of the District Coordination Committee, while providing the closing remarks, appreciated SSRP's media activities and sociotechnical assistance programme which helped to expedite the reconstruction process in Sindhuli. He also highlighted the role of SSRP in maintaining vernacular architecture in Sindhuli during the reconstruction stage by training carpenters to construct timber houses.  SSRP took the opportunity to hand over all the products developed by the project, which is also owned by National Reconstruction Authority, to the relevant rural municipalities and municipality of Sindhuli district to ensure increased access to information at the local level on safe construction practices.  Voice excerpts from the workshop Mr. Janardhan Gautam (Chief – District Administrative Office, Sindhuli) ''Swisscontact’s project delivery was innovative and end -to-end. It has played an important role in reconstruction in Sindhuli by sensitizing and motivating house owners to reconstruct safely while also building the necessary skills for construction through trainings.  The trained masons from the project will be useful, through out the country, for future works in infrastructure development as well.  Mr. Pushpa Bahadur Karki (Chairperson-Golonjor Rural Municipality, Sindhuli) ''Swisscontact successfully provided last-mile awareness, skills training, and socio-technical assistance to the people of Sindhuli. I have seen the activities of Swisscontact very closely from the very beginning and I am happy to report that more than 80% of trained graduates of SSRP are employed and engaged in reconstruction works in Golanjor Rural Municipality.''