PROGRESS celebrates International Youth Day

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Dhaka, August 12th, 2023-members from Swisscontact (PROGRESS project), the Embassy of Sweden, and Team Group have come together to commemorate the International Youth Day 2023. The event, held at the Leed Platinum Certified Green Factory 4A Yarn Dyeing Ltd. by the Team Group in Dhaka, focused on the theme of " Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World ".
TEAM Group, Swisscontact (PROGRESS) and the Embassy of Sweden celebrating International Youth Day 2023

Ms. Maria Stridsman, the Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Sweden, and Mr. Cezanne Mujibul Hasan, the Country Director at Swisscontact, graced the occasion by attending the celebrations held at 4A Yarn Dyeing Ltd. The Youth Skills Day Celebration and MoU signing ceremony included speeches from notable individuals such as Mr. Ikaramul Sohel, National Programme Officer-Market Development at the Embassy of Sweden; Ms. Ishrat Fatema, Team Leader-Progress, Swisscontact; Mr. Abdullah Hil Nakib, deputy managing director of Team Group; and Md. Zahedul Hoque, executive director of 4A Yarn Dyeing Ltd. These speakers provided valuable insights during the event.

Demonstration of the existing eco-friendly manufacturing techniques

Approximately 60 participants from diverse organizations, including international non-governmental organizations, factory management, and private organizations, gathered to demonstrate their commitment to assisting the transition of Bangladesh's RMG industry towards embracing environmentally friendly practices. The primary emphasis of this gathering was on promoting green skills.

Interactive discussion of the practices and challenges of green skills

A discussion was held to openly share thoughts, experiences, and challenges related to sustainable practices in the RMG sector. The discussion involved representatives from Swisscontact (PROGRESS), the Swedish Embassy, factory management, and various private organizations.

After the open discussion, SGS Bangladesh Ltd. delivered a brief presentation on sustainable fashion. The presentation covered the concept of sustainable fashion, an analysis of its environmental impact, and an exploration of the fundamental principles that underlie this concept. The presentation covered various reporting frameworks, including Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting, sustainable reporting, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting, and the fundamental principles underlying these frameworks.

Green Pledge and Tree Plantation by the Factory Management, Swisscontact (PROGRESS) and the Embassy of Sweden

After the presentation, the participants were led on a factory tour by the Consultant chosen by Swisscontact (PROGRESS) and the factory management. The purpose of the tour was to showcase how workers have implemented green skills. During the factory tour, the participants were able to witness a range of eco-friendly manufacturing techniques that the factory has implemented. These techniques included waterless dyeing, zero-waste pattern making, and ethical manufacturing processes.

The event ended with a closing ceremony, where a vote of thanks was expressed to all the participants and the factory management. The ceremony also acknowledged the factory's dedication to embracing environment-friendly practices for a sustainable future. After the event, the participants pledged to integrate sustainable practices into their personal and professional lives. This was then followed by a tree planting activity that took place on the factory grounds.

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Promoting Green Growth in the Ready-Made Garments Sector Through Skills (PROGRESS)
Promoting Green Growth in the Ready-Made Garments Sector Through Skills (PROGRESS) project envisions contributing to the development of an inclusive, environmentally responsible, and competitive RMG sector in Bangladesh that can offer productive, well paid, secured, and decent job opportunities to workers, mostly women, and at the same time, adapt to the evolving needs of the global market in terms of technological advancement and ESG standards.