Prishtina Municipality to Begin Work on New Outdoor Tourist Attraction

Looking ahead to a post-COVID 19 future, Germia Park in Prishtina, as one of the favorite getaways in nature for its residents, will soon offer more outdoor fun and adventure to visitors of all ages.

IN-Nature Adventure Park is the newest tourism project of the Municipality of Prishtina, through the public enterprise “Sport Marketing”. This adventure park is planned to have 53 elements and 6 climbing tracks with an estimated maximum capacity of 90 participants in the same time. The elements are divided by level of difficulty and age appropriateness. Additionally, the adventure park will feature 6 ziplines of varying length and difficulty level, and a wooden coffeeshop. 

“We want to provide a diverse and affordable range of sport and recreational activities to the residents of our Municipality and also to visitors and international tourists. Once things are restored to normal, people will seek more outdoor fun and activities, and we want to make to meet their needs,” said Shpend Ahmeti, Mayor of Prishtina.

The adventure park is a co-investment of the Municipality of Prishtina and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation project Promoting Private Sector Employment. The co-investment is part of the Memorandum of Cooperation signed in March 2018 for the development of tourism in the municipality. The adventure park will be built based on the appropriate European standards. The project is designed not to interfere with the natural tree environment or the vitality of trees where elements will be installed. Also, it is expected to create new full time and part-time jobs.