Prestigious training back on the agenda

Switzerland, United Kingdom, Thailand
In the last throes of 2022, The Springfield Centre unleashed their internationally recognized Market Systems Development (MSD) training programme after a 3-year hiatus. If there was any nervousness about this comeback, this was soon dispelled as a group of 66 individuals from 33 countries descended excitedly on Bangkok. 

Over 10 days this influential training unpacked inclusive systems thinking and practice, developed participants skills in the approach and explored its implications and uses for their organisations.

“It’s rare that you emerge inspired and reenergized out of any training, let alone a 2-week one. This time was different. The last 2 weeks were some of the most eye-opening moments I’ve had working in development cooperation, basically stress testing our assumptions about what works and especially what doesn’t.”

Cedric van Oene, Advance Consulting

It’s hard to inspire a large disparate group of aid workers, development workers and donors representing 27 very diverse organisations such as Mercy Corps, Habitat for Humanity, MDF, WUSC, USAID, SDC, DFAT and Swisscontact. Yet the consummate professionals from The Springfield Centre never faltered.

"This week I got back to my desk energized and inspired after 2 weeks of in-person training on Market Systems Development with the one and only The Springfield Centre. For all those of us in this international development industry who struggle with the question of how to make our interventions more impactful and sustainable beyond project life-cycles: I have so far not heard of any more convincing approaches."

Ben Beuchel, International Trade Centre

The course successfully shone a light on how to make development more effective and sustainable, to achieve greater impact, inclusiveness and scale. A ‘must’ for any development practitioner and an important contribution to thought leadership in MSD. The next programme is scheduled for 24 April to 5 May 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand.