PRABRIDDHI supported intervention to foster the light engineering sector in Jashore comes to an impactful end

Entrepreneurial ecosystems
Swiss supported PRABRIDDHI – Local Economic Development project initiated an adjustment of the academic curriculum of Jashore University of Science and Technology-a public university Bangladesh. 9 courses have been updated applicable for students from the next academic session. The IPE department of JUST plans to improve students' practical training and provide technical support to LE workshops by modifying curriculums and facilitating connections between students and workshops.

Government and entrepreneurs envision to foster industry-academia linkage for developing the Light Engineering (LE) sector - the next growth driver of Bangladesh. To complement this vision, “PRABRIDDHI: Local Economic Development” project supported by Government of Bangladesh and Switzerland, joined hands with the LE sector of Jashore and the Department of Industrial and Production Engineering (IPE), Jashore University of Science and Technology (JUST). With support from JUST and Bangladesh Engineering Industry Owners' Association (BEIOA), the project took initiative to create a linkage between the local LE sector and the university. As part of the initiative, students visited the LE workshops and exchanged technical know-how on modern manufacturing process with the LE entrepreneurs. It is worth mentioning that this is a first-of-its-kind initiative to adjust the curriculum of a public university to support the development of a local growth sector.  From now on, 3rd and 4th year students of the department will be working closely with the LE workshops as part of their course requirement. It will enable students to test their theoretical knowledge in the workshops and get hands-on experience of the LE manufacturing process.

Entrepreneurial ecosystems
PRABRIDDHI – Local Economic Development
PRABRIDDHI focuses on building the capacity of an urban or rural territory to create a competitive advantage for its enterprises through a broad set of activities and improve the economic well-being of its people and workers.