PRABRIDDHI Leads Local Economic Development with Validation Workshop in Kushtia

Entrepreneurial ecosystems
PRABRIDDHI, a local economic development (LED) project jointly funded by Switzerland and the Government of Bangladesh, organized a validation workshop on the project's way forward in the Kushtia area. The workshop took place at the municipality auditorium in Kushtia on November 27, 2023.

To kickstart Local Economic Development (LED) initiatives in Kushtia, PRABRIDDHI conducted a Rapid Economic Appraisal (REA) from June 11-15, focusing on gathering information about the mini garments and ICT sector. Based on insights from these visits, the project formulated implementation plans for LED activities in Kushtia municipality. To ensure inclusivity and collaboration, PRABRIDDHI organized a validation workshop involving local stakeholders. The workshop aims to refine Kushtia Municipality's LED strategy by validating information gathered through the REA process. Specific objectives include sharing REA findings with stakeholders, presenting PRABRIDDHI's LED plans for Kushtia, collecting feedback and ideas, and collaboratively creating a plan for PRABRIDDHI's activities in the municipality.

Important stakeholders from both the public and private sectors were present at the workshop.

Anower Ali, Mayor, Kushtia Municipality expressed confidence in PRABRIDDHI's commitment to driving Local Economic Development (LED) in the municipality. He believes that PRABRIDDHI's strategic initiatives, backed by thorough research and inclusive planning, will contribute significantly to the economic growth and well-being of Kushtia. The mayor looks forward to a collaborative journey with PRABRIDDHI, envisioning a brighter and more prosperous future for the community.

Rukhen Uddin Ahmed, the Public Sector Advisor of the PRABRIDDHI project, expressed assurance in the project's ability to enhance Local Economic Development (LED) in Kushtia. He believes that the project can bring substantial positive changes to Kushtia. With its well-researched and community-focused approach, he envisions PRABRIDDHI playing a pivotal role in fostering sustainable growth and innovation in both the mini garments and ICT industries of Kushtia.

Co-implemented by Local Government Division (LGD) and Swisscontact, the PRABRIDDHI project is currently being implemented in six municipalities – Bogura, Jashore, Shibganj, Bhairab, Dinajpur and Kushtia.

Entrepreneurial ecosystems
PRABRIDDHI – Local Economic Development
PRABRIDDHI focuses on building the capacity of an urban or rural territory to create a competitive advantage for its enterprises through a broad set of activities and improve the economic well-being of its people and workers.