Perseverance, the pursuit of knowledge, and a passion for work can transform not only someone's career but also their life as a whole – Ailton's story

Resilience, an unrelenting quest for knowledge, and motivation for work not only shape someone's professional trajectory but also change their entire life. Ailton Paulo's story is an inspiring example of this principle.

At the age of 20, Ailton discovered his passion for electricity and, driven by curiosity, took his first steps in repairing household devices. Aware of the need to enhance his skills, he enrolled in an institute in 2019 but had to abandon it due to financial difficulties. Nevertheless, his determination remained unwavering.

Finally, in 2022, Ailton found a valuable opportunity at the São José de Lhanguene Professional Training Center, a partner of Swisscontact in the Skills to Build project. The training at this center was crucial, providing Ailton with solid skills in electrical installation. His dedication did not go unnoticed, opening doors to an internship at Mesat Maintenance and Engineering, a diversified company in maintenance, engineering, services, and technical assistance.

The internship at Mesat Maintenance and Engineering not only enriched Ailton's knowledge but also granted him the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals. After the internship, he was hired, and his journey took him to distant locations, such as working as an electrical assistant in the assembly of fire detection systems at the Cahora Bassa Hydroelectric Plant in the province of Tete. This experience was significant, introducing Ailton to the realm of electronics.

Ailton's passion for his work is palpable in every project he undertakes. He highlights a challenging and rewarding moment in his career: assembling photovoltaic systems in a residence, comprising 50 solar panels, in just one week. This accomplishment not only showcases his technical skills but also his ability to face challenges efficiently.

Ailton declares, "The training not only propelled my professional development but also had a positive impact on my economic and social life." He emphasizes the importance of pursuing one's vocations, as the ability to accomplish something valuable is essential to meet the demands of the market.

"This project is financed by the Medicor Foundation, Happel Foundation, and Linsi Foundation, among other donors. It is part of the Swisscontact Development Programme, which is co-financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA.''

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Skills to Build
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