Participants of the integrated agricultural training – where are they now?

Initial vocational education and training
One of the participants of the integrated agricultural training centres in the Dosso region was Fatiya Garba. She is 29 years old, married, a mother of two and comes from the village of Samedé Seydou in the rural community of Harikanassou.

Having dropped out of school at a very early age and being passionate about vegetable farming, Fatiya followed her brothers' path into the field to cultivate a piece of land at a young age.

Thanks to her enrolment in the SIFA (Sites Intégrés de Formation Agricole) integrated agricultural training school in 2013, she learned vegetable farming techniques and started growing onions, cabbage and lettuce at the end of her training.  

SIFA is a short-term qualifying training that enables young people to quickly master and implement new agricultural activities on their own family farm in order to diversify and secure the family's income.

A few years ago, Fatiya started her micro-enterprise for onion production. This generates enough income to enable her to hire some young people from SIFA to help her develop her business.

Sani Ango's story
Sani Ango, married and 27 years old, is one of the beneficiaries of the very first SIFA promotion of Lokoko in the commune of Guéchémé. He started training in November 2013, 7 years later he is the proud owner of a one hectare plot of land.
Hamza Halilou's story
26-year-old Hamza Halilou lives in Angoual Toudou in the rural commune of Tibiri. He dropped out of primary school in the second grade and started traditional market gardening activities at a very young age with the help of his father.
Mahamadou Aliyo's story
Mahamadou Aliyo, aged 25, lives in Zoumbou in the commune of Douméga. He is part of the first SIFA promotion in his commune.