Paragliding is the Newest Tourism Product Launched in Prizren

Visitors in Prizren can now enjoy the city looking at it from the sky. Aero Klub Shkaba opened today the paragliding season and at the same time launched this new tourism product in the area. Apart from adding to the variety of things to do in Prizren, this new commercial product will add at least 7 new jobs for pilots and will indirectly influence on increasing the revenue of tourism service providers.

For the Mayor of Prizren Mytaher Haskuka, “Paragliding is a new and excellent opportunity to develop the city of Prizren. This activity supports specifically the promotion of the type of tourism that Prizren offers mountain tourism, as the launching point is Cvilen peak, and cultural city tourism, as the paragliders land in the city stadium. As members of the club told me, Prizren is one of the few cities in the region that provides paragliding over the city and we wish to use this opportunity the best we can”. 

Paragliding as a commercial tourism activity is designed and implemented by Aero Klub Shkaba, which has served as a base for enthusiasts of paragliding since 2010. The vision of the club is to develop the sports-tourism, which not only helps promote Kosovo but also has a direct impact on the livelihoods of people in the area. 

“With this new product Prizren becomes a more attractive tourism destination. The international paragliding competitions we organize in our city will now be raised to a different level,” said Ardall Celina from Aero Klub Shkaba speaking at the ceremony held in Cvilen, which is the launching point for paragliders.

The club members’ passion for paragliding was turned into a commercial product through a collaboration with the Municipality of Prizren and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation project Promoting Private Sector Employment. The Municipality of Prizren provided support with adapting the commercial paragliding track, which before was used only for solo paragliding, whereas with PPSE support the club purchased equipment, trained pilots as per the international safety standards and will now promote this new activity in Prizren.  

Since its establishment, Aero Klub Shkaba has grown its membership and variety of activities. Club members have participated in competitions and won awards locally and internationally. The goal of PPSE is to increase the employment for young women and men through small and medium enterprises. PPSE is implemented by Swisscontact and Riinvest Institute.