Our most-read news stories of 2022

These are our most viewed stories of 2022.
Initial vocational education and training
Into the future of training: An e-Learning platform for Community Paramedic Curriculum 
To support the training institutes in resuming their teaching activities, ASTHA collaborated with a digital service provider to run a pilot in order to create an e-learning platform. As a VET pioneer, this pilot positions Swisscontact in South Asia as the first mover in digital training space.
Entrepreneurial ecosystems
Women Entrepreneurship – an important vector of emancipation for women
One of FACEJ's major objectives is to accompany at least 40% of young women entrepreneurs in the creation or development of their business. 
Sustainable agriculture, Initial vocational education and training, Labour market insertion, Entrepreneurial ecosystems
Empowering Women: Step by Step
As we mark the International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8, we focus on celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world. This year, IWD’s slogan is #BreakTheBias, bringing into light the importance of raising awareness against all biases and taking actions for equality.
Entrepreneurial ecosystems, Sustainable agriculture
Organic cocoa, from Colombia to the world
Colombian cocoa is imprinted with the story of those who grow it and dedicate their lives to the process of turning the seed into the chocolate that is consumed around the world; even more so in organic and sustainable crops that demand absolute dedication and commitment.

Sustainable agriculture
Swisscontact Cambodia awarded Medal of Honor for its contribution to Conservation Agriculture and Sustainable Intensification in the country
The Royal Government of Cambodia presented a Medal of Honor to three representatives of the development partners or their exceptional contribution to the field of Conservation Agriculture (CA) and Sustainable Intensification (SI) in the country on 21st June 2022. Swisscontact through Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture (ISA), along with key partners has been supporting the initiative of Cambodia Conservation Agriculture and Sustainable Intensification Consortium (CASIC) since 2018.
Initial vocational education and training
Kenya: vocational teaching at the start
The construction sector is one of Kenya’s most important economic growth sectors. However, Kenyan construction companies have been unable to leverage this potential because there is lack of skilled labour, specifically in the fields of plumbing and electrical trades. One reason is the country’s weak vocational education system whose training offers are disconnected from the industry needs. To address this challenge, Swisscontact has co-developed an employer-led dual apprenticeship programme in collaboration with the Hilti Foundation.
Sustainable agriculture, Trade
Conscious Food from Bolivia - Family Farming products at the Malmö Fair in Sweden
The Centre for the Promotion of Exports to the Swedish Market (OTGS) and the Swedish and Swiss Cooperation in Bolivia, through Inclusive Markets, support their entry into the Scandinavian region. United through the concept: Andean Valley, Coronilla, Green Forest and Sindan Organic participate in the most important Nordic Organic Food Fair in Europe, offering their products in three areas: live cooking, where a chef prepares and describes the ingredients, the business meeting and tasting area, and the product and packaging exhibition area.
Peru, Vietnam, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Kosovo
Entrepreneurial ecosystems
Women powered entrepreneurship for equal opportunities in the future
According to the 2020/21 GEM Women entrepreneurs report, women account for half of the entrepreneurial activity globally. However, those activities tend to remain at a very small scale, impacting the women entrepreneurs and their immediate family, often not becoming growing companies that create jobs and employment opportunities for others due to lack of support and financing.