On International Day of Zero Waste 2023, PRABRIDDHI starts a new journey to develop “Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) management model” with Shibganj Municipality

Entrepreneurial ecosystems
On 30th March 2023, PRABRIDDHI-Local Economic Development (LED) project of Swisscontact and Shibganj Municipality signed an MoU to develop “Developing Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) management model” in Shibganj. Through this partnership, PRABRIDDHI will support the piloting of the model in the municipality, aiming to meet the current social, environmental, and economic conditions. 

The potential of waste as a resource, such as recyclable materials or organic materials for composting or renewable energy, is not fully recognized in Bangladesh. The practice of household waste segregation is not commonly followed, and existing legislation and policies related to solid waste management have been implemented to a limited extent.

As a part of the Environment and Green Growth (EGG) initiatives, PRABRIDDHI shall support Shibganj municipality to implement and pilot Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) model. The proposed plan for MSW management aims to develop an integrated system for waste collection and segregation, influence behavioral practices, and support capacity building of the conservancy department. The plan includes assessing department capacity, developing a waste management plan, and exploring market-oriented initiatives. A participatory process will be used to ensure effective waste management practices, and the composition of waste generated in the municipality will be analysed.

Entrepreneurial ecosystems
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