NVQS/ NSTB supports Duhabi Municipality to have Certified Masons

Upskilling and Reskilling
Nepal Vocational Qualifications System Project (NVQS)/National Skill Testing Board (NSTB) has been piloting Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) approach in Nepal. RPL is the process of assessing an individual’s prior learning (with direct and indirect evidence) taken outside the formal system and certifying such individuals as per their knowledge equivalent to standards set by NSTB.

NVQS/NSTB joined hands with Duhabi municipality of Nepal to implement the RPL approach and assess the local masons within the municipality. This agreement was brought forth through the municipality’s request to ensure the availability of certified workers in Duhabi. By the end of May 2019, NVQS/NSTB assessed and certified the skills of 20 selected masons from the municipality. A certification ceremony was organized for the graduates on 4th October 2019. Mr. Bed Narayan Gachhadar, Mayor of Duhabi Municipality; Dr. Shiva Prasad Dahal, Chief of CTEVT, Province office No.1; Mrs. Sunita Dahal Shah, Deputy Mayor of Duhabi Municipality and Mr. Sudeep Adhikari, Training Manager of Manmohan Memorial Polytechnic had attended the ceremony. This was an excellent opportunity for NVQS/ NSTB to contribute to enhance capacity of local government. Mr. Bed Narayan Gachhadar expressed his gratitude towards Swisscontact and NVQS/NSTB for certifying the skills of local masons. He also shared his plan to replicate this initiative, henceforth placing certified workers in all occupations. Furthermore, he elaborated the importance of skills development and certification which prove relevant to professional growth within the municipality.

Initial vocational education and training
Nepal Vocational Qualifications System (NVQS)
Youths entering the labour market in Nepal are compelled to remain unemployed or underemployed and work in low-pay jobs due to a lack of skills, and lack of certification and recognition of the skills they have. To provide wider opportunities and to enable Nepali youth without formal vocational training and education, and those who have gained skills through work experience to enter the labour market with recognized certificates for better employability and career path, the Government of Nepal (GoN) has initiated a National Vocational Qualifications System (NVQS) with the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) to be implemented.