New Tourism Project Officially Kicks Off in Pristina

Today, the Municipality of Pristina and Sport Marketing public enterprise signed the contract that kicks off the construction of the IN-Nature Adventure Park in Germia area, Pristina. This project is another one in the line of projects developed under the leadership of Shpend Ahmeti, Mayor of Pristina, to expand the city’s tourism offer and recreational activities for both residents and visitors.

The adventure park is planned to have 67 climbing elements and tracks with an estimated maximum capacity of 110 participants at the same time. Users of the adventure park’s facilities can be anyone aged 4 and above, provided they have no issues with heights or health-related ones. 

Apart from adding to the things to do in the city, the adventure park is a statement to environmental protection. The construction project is based on the European Standards EN 15 567-1:2015 and 15 567-2:2015. The works shall not interfere with the natural tree environment or the vitality of trees where elements will be installed. Meaning once the part is up and running, All trees will be unharmed. 

“Parks should not be protected by fencing them with wires but rather by making them interactive. People should use a park for its purpose to be able to protect it. To us, Germia is a place of relaxation and walking. The best venue to build such walking paths is the natural woods, where we teach our children how to protect the environment through play” said Shpend Ahmeti, Mayor of Pristina, at the signing ceremony on 30 October 2020.  

The project is supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation through the Promoting Private Sector Employment project, that is implemented by Swisscontact and Riinvest Institute.