New Online Sales Channel for Local Food and Products in Kosovo

Creating new sales channels is crucial for small and medium enterprises to survive the situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic, and to continue to thrive. To this end, PPSE and Flizza signed a partnership agreement concerning the development of a new online platform.

This platform will manage the operations of taking orders and executing the delivery of Flizza’s staple traditional food products, including the delivery of fresh locally produced fruit and vegetables. “To meet the market need, we came up with the model of ready-to-go lunch. Now, we are expanding the menu, the infrastructure and upgrading the logistics,” says Drilon Qehaja of Flizza. 

The online platform goes hand in hand with the opening two new selling points in Peja and Gjilan, in addition to the existing one in Prishtina, and the purchase of required equipment. The online platform will be used to manage stock, digital payments, GPS tracking so the company can provide efficient services. 

Increased sales are expected to result in increased demand for locally produced fruits and vegetables. In fact, when ordering the needed supply with fruit and vegetables Flizza will give priority to local producers. This in turn will lead in increased employment and income for direct and indirect beneficiaries.