My goal was to have my own beauty salon and I have succeeded!

Initial vocational education and training
"I could not be more thankful for the vocational training programme which I think has significantly shaped my life perspectives,” says Moeung Phally, a 21-year-old beautician.
Phally is straightening the hair of her customer at her salon and talking about her passion of being a beauty specialist. 

Phally is a graduate from the Dual Vocational Training (DVT) programme supported by the Skills Development Programme. It enables young, disadvantaged women and men to access on- and off-the-job training to gain occupational skills. Soon after Phally completed the training, she kick-started her business and has since witnessed changes in her life.

 ‘I was previously just a normal girl who was stuck at home all the time, having no skills, work experience and income. My family was struggling financially, and we barely had proper meals to eat. Since I have started running this start-up beauty shop, I am earning sufficiently and my family is now better off’, she highlights.

Phally has been applying several competencies she gained in the training in her business. She is offering a wide range of services such as hair washing & perming, manicure & pedicure, and skincare.  

Phally is applying make-up for her customer in a wedding.

Career success, according to Phally, is measured by three main factors precisely: her self-development, her family’s wellbeing, and her ability to share what she learned with her relatives and others.

 ‘I have also taught my siblings the skills of a beautician. They picked up the basic skills quickly and they are now also providing some services. I plan to hand over my current business to them soon and I’m thinking of expanding my business to open another shop with additional offers for customers such as acne cleansing and other face care services’, Phally mentions.

In addition to running her start-up, Phally also accepts trainees in her salon. She believes that people should learn on the job because it is crucial for their career development.

 ‘In the 2 years since I started my shop, I have trained 7 trainees. While some of them have left for their own business undertaking, a few stayed with me. At the moment I have one trainee helping me at the shop, while two others venture out to work at wedding ceremonies to deliver make-up services.’

Phally is providing services to customers at her shop.

When Phally sees how others are applying their skills learn to operate on their own, she could not be more excited. As a trainer and entrepreneur, Phally believes that people’s pathways to career success derive from their commitment and willingness to continuously learn.

‘I believe that people can develop if they are willing to keep learning. As for me, I never hide what I learned from others and I am willing to share what I know with others in any possible way. Depending on the commitment of my trainees, I offer my knowledge for free and all my employees also get a commission on my incomes’, stresses Phally. 

Phally’s vision and attitude will take her further: ‘Regardless of what I know right now, I’m still eager to learn more in all aspects of my job. I still want to learn more about customer service and relations. As for the technical skills, I want to obtain more beauty-care specializations. In 5 years, I see myself running a very big beauty salon that provides comprehensive services such as face massage, steam, facial skincare, and more’, said Phally.