Chanhsayseng a trainer for First Aid and Hygiene

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Sayanousone Chanhsayseng is a First Aid and Hygiene Trainer with Swisscontact’s Waste to Value Project. He also serves as an Occupational Safety, Health, and Environment Officer at IndusTek, a company supplying safety equipment, industry supplies and general personal protective equipment (PPE). IndusTek also provides consultancy and training courses  on workplace and industrial environments.

Chanhsayseng has extensive experience training employees in various industries, including factories, mines, food and beverage plants, and dams. He covers topics on workplace protection and safety, accident prevention, working at high elevations and the importance for employees to wear appropriate safety protection gear such as harnesses to prevent falls.

Although the ultimate purpose of the training is to prevent accidents it is vital to follow the correct procedures if they do occur. This includes informing the safety officer on site and when to call for emergency rescue services.

Before joining IndusTek and becoming a trainer, Chanhsayseng was involved in social and environmental development and had previously worked with informal waste pickers. 

He is grateful that  Swisscontact  trusts him to impart his knowledge to waste pickers under the Waste to Value Project to design and implement a tailored training programme.

Chanhsayseng said that a challenge for some participants is illiteracy, which he addresses by using photos and conversational language instead of technical testing. He also noticed that some participants were shy and lacked confidence to share their opinions. To encourage participation and ensure their safety, he fosters open discussions on the importance of wearing PPEs, monitoring their surroundings, and avoiding high-risk areas.

"It’s essential for informal waste pickers to wear gloves, boots and high-visibility vests at work."
Sayanousone Chanhsayseng

This project is financed by the City of Zurich and Däster-Schild Foundation, among other donors. It is part of the Swisscontact Development Programme, which is co-financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA.

Green cities
Waste to Value
Swisscontact's Waste to Value project strengthens the environmental performance in service sector SMEs (hotels, restaurants, cafés and mini-marts) by improving their waste management practices and access to green products. The project further strengthens business operations and improves workplace safety for informal waste pickers increasing their income and quality of livelihood. This is complemented with awareness raising among service sector SMEs and the wider population along with encouraging public-private consultation meetings in the Lao PDR in line with national and municipal government strategies.