More cashew and fruit producers completed training in climate-smart agricultural practices

Sustainable agriculture
575 farmers belonging to the Farmer Field Schools in municipalities in the municipalities of Namasigüe, El Triunfo and Orocuina in the department of Choluteca and the municipality of Langue in the department of Valle have completed the training and technical assistance cycle provided by the Rural Opportunities Project. 
Farmers who graduated from the course and technical staff of the Rural Market Opportunities project

Today, the producers implement Climate-Smart Agricultural Practices (CSA), which have allowed them to plant new areas of crops, manage and introduce eco-efficient technologies, improve the marketing of their products, apply seed selection and grafting techniques, among other things. All of these practices contribute to increasing their productivity and generating more income. The training included sensitization of gender-related aspects in the agricultural production.

María Aguilar, one of the farmers, receives her diploma from Carlos Roger Zepeda, technical expert in agriculture

Of this group of graduates, more than 170 are women who have managed to solidify their role as active cashew nut producers and decision makers, taking care of their plots and their income.

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