Metalworking Training Centre - CFPM and Swisscontact - Skills to Build Project sign Memorandum of Understanding

Initial vocational education and training
As a result of a partnership for the benefit of vocational training of young people, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the two institutions in Maputo City on 26 July 2021. The Director of the Metalworking Professional Training Centre (CFPM), Carlos Mucareia, and the National Director of Swisscontact Mozambique, Régula Chávez-Malgiaritta, signed the document to advance and strengthen youth insertion through professional training and the promotion of youth employability.

CFPM and Swisscontact will continue, among other activities, to facilitate the vocational training of vulnerable youth through the coordination of actions, the selection of candidates for training, thus promoting the integration of young people in modular courses based on competency-based training. The Memorandum of Understanding also provides for continuity in the coordination of the training of trainers in the psycho-pedagogical field.