Marracuene District: 47 youths complete their training and receive certificates as masons and plumbers.

Initial vocational education and training
The Water and Sanitation Professional Training Center (CFPAS) presented the certificates to 47 young people in masonry and plumbing specialties at a ceremony held in Gimo Kossa, Ngalunde locality, Marracuene district.

These training courses were provided by the Water and Sanitation Training Center - CFPAS, through the "mobile training" modality, that is, the moving of the training center to the community, and were designed to train young people in remote areas, in order to generate knowledge, skills to improve their employability.

To this end, a partnership was established between the government of the Marracuene district, CFPAS and Swisscontact, through the Skills to Build project.

With a duration of 8 weeks, the training was both theoretical and practical, and the graduates had the opportunity to practice in three construction sites, namely for the construction of a public building annex, construction of a private residence and improvement of the plumbing systems of the bathrooms of a local community church.

During the graduation ceremony, Mr. Shafee Sidat, Marracuene District administrator, encouraged the young people to provide high quality services and to be development mentors in Marracuene. He also took the opportunity to thank Swisscontact and CFPAS for their support in conducting these trainings.

Régula Chávez-Malgiaritta, director of Swisscontact Mozambique, invited the young people to dedicate themselves and not to give up, to continue learning so that they can become professionals, who can provide a quality service to their clients, as well as thank the Marracuene district government and CFPAS for their contribution.

Swisscontact, through the Skills to Build project aims to contribute to vocational training in technical areas, to create knowledge, tools and attitudes that allow better employability opportunities, both at the level of formal employment and self-employment.