Local Producer to Expand the Line of Nut-Based Products

Pelini’s production line of nut-based products is upgrading its facility, expanding the range of processing, and enhancing its marketing and digitalization strategy as a proactive step to gain prominence in the local market in Kosovo.

Through a partnership agreement signed with PPSE, the company will acquire a new production line of both higher capacity and quality, to respond better to increased local demand for their products. 

Nut-based types of butters and cold-pressed oils are the staple products of Pelini’s, a family-run business established in 2018. As a promoter of ‘farm-to-fork’ approach, the company’s predominantly uses products sourced from local farmers. The retail store in Prishtina is a zero-waste shop selling fresh, unpackaged healthy bulk foods items.

The PPSE support to the company is combined with business support services aiming at a better structured improvement. This expansion is expected to increase the demand for local agriculture products and create more opportunities for contracted farmers.