Learning how to cook…. online?!

The Skills Development Programme (SDP)​ recently presented its experiences in providing cooking training through an e-learning modality during the COVID19 crisis in a webinar titled “Tourism in times of COVID19: good practices on innovation and digitalization”.

The webinar was organised by the e+i network of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). Is serves as platform for M4P/ MSD/ IM/ ISD-related exchange among SDC representatives and SDC-funded project implementers.


When the pandemic hit Cambodia, public gatherings were forbidden, and schools remained closed for several months. The ongoing cooking training of SDP was transferred to an online modality. Limited experience of the team and low IT skills among the learners made this transition challenging at first. With time and practice, the cooking training delivered on Zoom and supported by other software such as Kahoot, Mentimeter etc. was successfully imparted to the learners. The e-learning modality prompted the students to be more proactive in learning from each other through discussions and sharing in the fora and enabled them to complete the course with a certification. While the pandemic continues to severely affect the tourism and hospitality industry, the learners are positive about finding a better job once the economy picks up after the crisis thanks to their skills and certification.

Key takeaways:

Learning how to cook online:

  • Improved peer-to-peer learning and communication
  • Learners became more active and self-motivated
  • Practical learning: more flexibility and new opportunities
  • Blended learning can help to save time and cost
  • Especially true in a context of low ICT literacy of the trainers/teachers
  • Not a panacea for disrupted training provision: Quality TVET needs practice under qualified supervision