Kosovo Shares Its Experience in Meeting the DCED Standards

On 19 June 2020, the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development organized a webinar on the topic of the DCED standard on results measurement. The discussion addressed questions such as: what it the DCED Standard? Why is it useful? How do you implement it in a practical way?

Facilitated by the DCED Secretariat, the webinar focused on the recent experience of the Kosovo Promoting Private Sector Employment project with the audit of its results measurement system, achieving one of the best results of formally audited projects to date, scoring 97% in the “MUST” category and 94% in the “RECOMMENDED” category.

Fisnik Bajrami, Measurement and Results Montoring Specialist of PPSE, elaborated for webinar participants practical examples and lessons from the PPSE experience in applying the DCED standard related to the system, the process, roles and responsibilities within the team, and exchange and learning process throughout the entire time. 

“The DCED standard provides an excellent framework for enabling programmes with strong monitoring system to further improve their implementation and networking, particularly to prove and improve functions. There is no one fits for all system, thereby each Programme should develop a tailored system for monitoring and results management” Bajrami said. 

Such system put in place within the PPSE resulted not only in the successful audit score but also contirbutes to achieving the overarching goal of the project. PPSE is a Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation project that aims to create jobs in the private sector (food and natural ingredients and tourism).