Kosovo Entrepreneur Brings Nut Based Products to the Market

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The cozy store of ‘Pelini’s’ in Prishtina contains a rich list of delightful and healthy products: various types of nuts, fresh butter instantly made using nuts, cold pressed oil from nuts, dried fruit, types of flour, these being ingredients that are increasingly becoming part of a healthy-living diet.  

Firstly, Ervin Ibrahimi managed to acquire a line for the production of butter from nuts, coconut oil, and tahini halva. Apart from installing the line, the assistance helped improve production technique, efficiency, increased the production capacity and enabled a greater presence in the market. The website design and the packaging design for new products were part of this support too. 

The support continued with the assistance through the Senior Expert Contact program of Swisscontact. Through this, the company increased the number of products and improved their formula, increasing at the same time the efficiency, quality, and capacity.

"We have many clients who buy from us not only for their food needs, but they also buy gifts. They come to the store with their own glass jars, so we can fill those with any type of butter or products they like. Reusing jars in this way is in line with our environmental philosophy."
Ervin Ibrahimi, ‘Pelini’s’ store in Prishtina

‘Pelini’s’ store is one of the interesting spaces of Prishtina, where consumers not only buy hazelnuts of the highest quality, made in Kosovo, but can also buy nut butters that are made right on the spot.

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