Kickstart project trains 303 loan officers to empower young entrepreneurs in 2 years

Erjon Çano 13.06.2024
303 Loan Officers of partner MFIs participate in the trainings to develop their skills in sales, customer care and for them to have a special focus on young entrepreneurs.

Kickstart Project organized 3 trainings in June 2024 (plus 17 during July 2022 – June 2024) with loan officers of partner MFIs (BESA, NOA, ASF) to introduce our project to them and for them to have a special focus on young entrepreneurs and to develop their skills in sales and customer care. This will make it possible for loan officers to target young entrepreneurs.  48 loan officers in June 2024 (plus 255 during July 2022 – June 2024) from 3 partners MFIs BESA, NOA, ASF participated in these workshops in total.

Kickstart Project works with partner MFIs in order for them to develop new dedicated loan products or to adapt existing products in order to offer access to finances for young entrepreneurs. This way young micro-entrepreneurs will have more financial service opportunities for their new micro-businesses and also to develop or expand existing self-employment activities. During July 2022 – June 2024 a total of 3042 Young Entrepreneurs (888 female) have accessed loans with a total volume of 5 954 057 Euro from loan products dedicated/ adapted by partner MFIs BESA, NOA, ASF for Young Entrepreneurs.

The intervention of the Kickstart Project focuses mainly on young micro-entrepreneurs with mostly marginalized and/or migration backgrounds who start or have recently started their micro-business. The main aims are to offer them access to finances through loans from MFIs and to develop their knowledge and skills related to financial literacy (through dedicated trainings) and business management (through the business mentoring). During July 2022 – June 2024 a total of 520 additional Young Entrepreneurs have accessed and gone through Financial Literacy training and information and also completed the 6 months Business Mentoring course organised by Kickstart Project and 9 partner NGOs of civil society all-over Albania.

Entrepreneurial ecosystems
Kickstart – Business mentoring and access to finance for young micro-entrepreneurs
The project supports young, disadvantaged micro-entrepreneurs to enhance their capacities through business mentoring, e-learning on financial literacy and access to loan, the latter being tailored to their needs and capabilities by partner microfinance institutions.