Kickstart Project Certifies 9 Business Mentors who will mentor 500 young entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial ecosystems
Mentors will support young entrepreneurs to develop their micro businesses to increase their net incomes.

Mentors of Kickstart Project, on 17 February 2023 graduated in the training program “MICRO-BUSINESS MENTORING“ organized in 6 sessions from August 2022 - February 2023, in Tirana and for satisfactory performance as “MICRO-BUSINESS MENTORS” of Kickstart Project. The training was organized by the project and designed and conducted by an experienced Business Coach. All nine mentors of partner NGOs created a total of 9 groups of business mentoring, each with 20 young micro-entrepreneurs.  

The mentors led those young entrepreneurs on 6 months business mentoring process for them to develop their business management skills and discussed different topics like business models, getting clients, financial business management, digital/social media marketing, fiscal issues, and registration, and evaluation of business development plan. Business mentoring trainings for the 9 business mentors were organized by the project in order for them to develop their skills in business mentoring of young entrepreneurs. The intervention of the Kickstart Project focuses mainly on young micro-entrepreneurs who start or have recently started their micro-business. 

The main aims are to offer them access to finances through loans from MFIs and to develop their knowledge and skills related to financial literacy (through dedicated trainings) and business management (through the business mentoring).

Entrepreneurial ecosystems
Kickstart – Business mentoring and access to finance for young micro-entrepreneurs
The project supports young, disadvantaged micro-entrepreneurs to enhance their capacities through business mentoring, e-learning on financial literacy and access to loan, the latter being tailored to their needs and capabilities by partner microfinance institutions.