The employability platform launched for job-seekers and job-providers

Labour market insertion
Jearta (Çaushi) Weber28.10.2022
"MundësiPlot" (Plenty of Opportunities) is an online platform for the employability services provided in the labour market of two countries: Albania and Kosovo. The platform has been launched to the public and is live and accessible since July. 

The low employable jobseekers in Albania and Kosovo face a lot of challenges in accessing employment services, due to lack of competences, lack of information and distance. A digital web platform and application was established as a solution to overcome these challenges.

And for designing this platform, the starting point was by asking during our studies and workshops the question: 

"When was the last time you were asked about your skills while looking for an employment opportunity?"

"Mundesiplot" assists jobseekers to find opportunities for improving their employability skills through coaching, training, internships, eLearning modules, and also to find a job. For the aspiring entrepreneurs, mentorship opportunities are provided through this platform.

Also, this digital tool serves as an automatized career adviser. By testing their personal soft skills through self-assessment test and completing their professional profile, the personalized result provides customized opportunities to the ones that need to improve their soft skills, to those who are looking for a job based on their soft skills without any previous working experience and to those who want to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Activities with young jobseekers, women, minorities, other jobseekers from marginalized groups, businesses, NGOs, coaches, Vocational Training Centers, and other stakeholders were held during two months of Piloting Phase. The feedback received for the testing and piloting activities have been reflected in the improvement of this digital tool. 

The development of the platform is part of the “Boost Employment” project, implemented by Swisscontact. This project is financed by the city of Zurich and Medicor Foundation. As part of the Swisscontact Development Programme, it is co-financed by SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA).

Albania, Kosovo
Labour market insertion
Boost Employment: Continued efforts for labour market inclusion in Albania and Kosovo
After the successful 10-year intervention for the employability and economic integration of marginalized and youth groups - based on the “Coaching for Employment” methodology - Boost Employment Project brings Swisscontact’s support to labour market in Albania and Kosovo to another level.