Innovation in Teaching during the Pandemic: Sharing Teachers’ Best Practices

Initial vocational education and training
The publication 'Innovation in Teaching: Best Practices 2021' by 'Skills for Jobs' project highlights experiences of teachers of partner VET providers who have applied innovative teaching techniques during the pandemic. 

Supported by ‘Skills for Jobs’ towards digitization of learning materials through a series of webinars on online learning and frequent meetings and discussions, an increasing number of teachers from S4J partner schools are applying innovative and interactive methods to make lessons more engaging and successful, as well as stimulate interest in independent learning.

Here we bring the publication ‘Innovation in Teaching: Best Practices’, highlighting the experiences of 12 teachers as 12 best practices of applying these interactive and comprehensive methods. Through their testimonials, teachers introduce the reader to the context where they found themselves, the need for innovation, difficulties and challenges encountered, the impact of their teaching and learning initiatives, lessons learned, as well as tips on how these methods and activities could be replicated by their colleagues.

You can download and read the publication below.