Training cycle begins to improve homes in Villa María del Triunfo

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VIPRO project18.06.2023
The Progressive Housing project seeks to improve the supply and access to adequate services, products and technologies that allow families to have better conditions to reduce construction errors generated during the progressive development of their homes.

Construction workers Training

Progressive construction can lead families to build in dangerous places, without technical criteria and with inadequate materials, which makes them vulnerable and prevents their access to a safe and sustainable urban environment. Aware of this problem, the project has proposed to identify, strengthen and connect the supply of trained labor with the owners, in order to implement solutions that make their homes safer.

In this context, the Progressive Housing Project, entrusted to the National Training Service for the Construction Industry (SENCICO), develop a training cycle for foremen that allows construction workers to strengthen their skills and learn how to apply solutions constructive.

The courses that will be carried out in person, in the communal premises of sector 1 of Tablada de Lurín, began on Friday, June 16 and will comprise 8 sessions, per module. The first will be about reading construction plans, it will continue assembling beams and applying constructive solutions. Importantly, these courses are completely free, allowing equal access to training for all concerned.

With these trainings, the Progressive Housing project, an initiative of the Hilti Foundation, seeks to empower communities, providing them with tools and knowledge to improve their housing conditions and guarantee the safety of their homes. As foremen acquire new skills, they will be able to implement better construction practices and contribute to the creation of a safer and more sustainable urban environment.